Do It For Your Mum on sale here

Do It For Your Mum by Roy Wilkinson

The acclaimed rock / fireplace memoir DO IT FOR YOUR MUM is now available as an e-book. Please use the Amazon link below. The original limited-edition printed book is sold out, with, sadly, no current plans for a re-print.




One can't be sure how many visitors to this site will be owners of the insidious Kindle hand-held reading wedge. Certainly, round here, such a utensil has only recently appeared – bought to check that the above book looks OK on techno-papyrus. But if you don't have a Kindle and would rather scoff live bluebottles than buy one, don't worry, an electrical page-turner can still be yours.

A Kindle application for computer, iPhone, Android or synth-o-mesh bumbag can pretty easily be acquired for an attractive 0.00 pounds.


Gorn m8, give it a go. The Do It For Your Mum mind-hive never imagined taking to Kindle-isation, but, tell you what, it has its virtues. Not least of the features we've warmed to is the way you can instantly acquire a free sample of a couple of chapters of pretty much any book. If you want to glance at the latest Donna Tartt, peruse a UK field guide to donner kebabs or just check if all the buzz is justified o'er Joan Bakewell's latest gazetteer to locally-bought frangipani bubble cars, this is just the ticket. And it willnae cost yeez a penny. In our experience the app-vistas actually look surprisingly tasty to boot. C'mon, any port in a storm...